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Dual cloth Dual cloth
-65 %
Brand: Ttsystem
Multipurpose microfibre cloth with abrasive corner..
17.00RON 48.00RON
Ecolabel mop wide central band Ecolabel mop wide central band
-40 %
Brand: Ttsystem
Mop system with clamp to be used with flat or jaw wringerIdeal to clean residual dirt that requires recurring rinsing of the fibresGREEN BOXEU Ecolabel CertificateNatural material deriving from low impact and recyclable production processes..
29.00RON 48.00RON
Housekeeping trolley Housekeeping trolley
-39 %
Brand: Ttsystem
H-CUBE Discretion is an attitude. H-Cube is a discreet, efficient and compact service trolley that allows you to carry out daily cleaning and restocking of guest amenities quickly and without attracting attention. Designed to meet the needs of the modern housekeeper.  See more in the D..
2,445.00RON 3,999.00RON
Nick Star Healthcare 2000 trolley
-21 %
Brand: Ttsystem
This is the one of the most compact trolley for the healthcare segment. Nick Star Healthcare represents the evolution of the multipurpose trolley: in a compact trolley the operator has at his disposal a complete range of accessories for professional cleaning. Nick Star is completely made of shockpro..
2,840.00RON 3,588.00RON
Vacuum cleaner extractor with heat Vacuum cleaner extractor with heat
-34 % Out of stock
Brand: Ghibli
Steam generators Based on Ghibli most innovative vacuum-cleaners range, the new Performance Line steam generators stand out for the innovative and attractive design, the ease of use and above all the high performance: 3.7 l capacity, double 1500 W plated stainless steel resistance (low porosity, ..
9,900.00RON 14,920.00RON
-31 %
Brand: Ttsystem
Rubber for window cleaning..
34.00RON 49.00RON
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