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Uni system mop Ttsystem

TTS presents Uni System, the first universal frame for washing and disinfection that allows you to reduce the necessary equipment, avoiding compatibility problems: the frame is compatible with pre-soaking Hermetic bucket and Dosely soaking station and it can be used with TTS roll, jaw or flat wringer according to specific needs. Moreover, the frame is not only compatible with its own micro flaps mops, but can also be used with pocket mops.

INTUITIVE: easy and user-friendly, less training needed
HANDY: the easy opening system of the frame allows a quick set-up of the tool
TOUCH FREE: the dirty mop can be detached without any hand contact with dirt
FAST: the flat mop can be quickly attached to the frame thanks to the easy fixing system
FUNCTIONAL: Block System joint allows the cleaning of vertical surfaces
SAFE: flat mop remains firmly attached during use, thanks to the anti-slip device
ERGONOMIC: lightweight and user-friendly, which reduces operator’s strain

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