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Brand: Ttsystem
   PRODUCT DESCRIPTION   Hair dryer with botton. SIZES: support cm 13x13x14,5 hairdryer cm 17x7x18..
Brand: Ttsystem
                     HANDLEY - METAL SCRAPER WITHOUT BLADES CLEAN & GO | WINDOW CLEANING            PRODUCT DESCRIPTION   • Handley, metal scraper wi..
 Magic 380 Basic cleaning trolley with detachable bucket
-14 %
Brand: Ttsystem
    Magic 380 Basic cleaning trolley with detachable bucket..
2,450.00RON 2,850.00RON
Brand: Ttsystem
A new line of compact trolleys completely made of plastic. Modular and strong Nick Plus, built up on the structure of Nick 25 L, has been designed and developed for daily cleaning as well as special cleaning requirements of small and medium areas. They can be assembled in few minutes thanks to the i..
Brand: Ttsystem
Chrome-plated service trolley, useful to clean rooms. It is equipped with a 120-litre bag holder for removing waste, a basket for objects, a plastic basket which contains two 6-litre buckets, in different colours, to separate different chemical solutions,..
Brand: Ttsystem
Varnished trolley used to remove waste. It can be provided with a 120-litre bag resting on a sturdy grid base, which can be folded as the whole trolley, for a reduced global volume. The varnished paper roll support with cutter can be fastened to the troll Measures: cm 60 x 62 x 102..
Brand: Ttsystem
The new linen trolleys Dust ideals for transport of dirty linen in Coummunities and Hospitals. They are complete with plastic base, wheels Ø 80 mm, coloured lids and rilsan frame. Available also with pedal set. TECHNICAL DATA Size cm (WxDxH) 48.2 x 146 x 95 Material Steel/PP Unit Net Weight (kg) 17...
Brand: Ttsystem
Single mop bucket for squeezer Ideal for a semi-professional use..
Brand: Ttsystem
Bucket with handle and hermetic lid for disposable soaked clothsSYSTEMRectangular bucket, conceived to be used with manual clothsIdeal to be used with pre-cut roll cloths..
4-wheel cleaning trolley and Magic 490P storage compartment
-2 %
Brand: Ttsystem
4-wheel cleaning trolley and Magic 490P storage compartment..
2,658.00RON 2,710.00RON
Brand: Ttsystem
45 L stackable bin, can be equipped with lid and labels for separate waste collectionStackable bin for waste collectionIdeal for separate waste collection in any environments..
Brand: Ttsystem
Bin with two ø 100 mm wheels, lid opening to 270° and reclinable handle, with drainpipe for an easy cleaningSYSTEMBin with drain-plug to clean it easilyIdeal for food waste..
Brand: Ttsystem
Wall sanitary bags dispenserIdeal for any environments..
Brand: Ttsystem
Maximum paper roll sizes: ø 260 mm, l 400 m, suitable core: ø 45/55/76 mm (with adapter AU9C0004P0)REQUEST FOR ESTIMATETECHNICAL SHEETAdvantagesUnique design: characterized by modern lines, harmonious shapes and an indispensable attention to detailsHighest hygiene: smooth and rounded surfa..
Brand: Ttsystem
Acrylic u-opening duster, inclining up to 240° and Lampo system handle with removable capSYSTEMFoldable duster for manual dustingThe best solution for a quick and precise cleaning of hard-to-reach surfaces with regard to highness, depth or inclinationAdvantagesEffective: the natural electrostat..
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