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Pentru curatare industriala

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Brand: Mediclean
Product for industrial dirt cleaning  N 200 Brud Clean  Applications: Alkaline cleanser for floors in halls, workshops and industrial plants. Recommended also for cleaning of machines. Uniquely selected ingredients emulsify and remove: oil, grease (including graphite grease), soot a..
Brand: Mediclean
Highly alkaline product for thorough floor cleaning  Strong Clean  Applications: For thorough floor cleaning with a scrubbing machine. Ideal for everyday cleaning of heavy dirt using a mop. Efficiently removes dried dirt, soot, marks left by trolleys and footwear in shops, industria..
MG 131 MG 131
1 - 3 weeks
Brand: Mediclean
Product for cleaning paving blocks and stone floors  MG 131 Bruk Clean  Applications: Product for thorough cleaning of heavily soiled industrial floors which are resistant to alkali. Low foam, highly alkaline product, excellent for removing petroleum derivative substances (grease, o..
Product for deep cleaning of grout lines MC260
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Brand: Mediclean
Powerful agent for deep cleeaning of grout lines.Dissolves hard to remove inorganic dirt without the need to scrub.Acts within several seconds after application Direction for use: Apply the product on the surface after diluting.Use the concentrate for heavity ingrained dirt.Wait 15-30sec collect ..
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