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 Sano Poliwix Parquet Natural Wax Detergent  Sano Poliwix Parquet Natural Wax Detergent
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Brand: Asevi
Special polish for marble, tile, granite, stoneware and other crystalized floors. Thanks to its innovative formula, it cleans and polishes brightening the colors and preserving the surfaces’ original shine. It is not slippery nor does it leave marks and provides a pleasant perfume to your home...
MG 142
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Brand: Mediclean
Polymer coat for protecting water-resistant surfaces  MG 142 Poli Clean  Applications: Efficient product based on acrylic and polyurethane emulsions and waxes, for protecting most types of water-resistant hard floors (e.g. linoleum, PVC, terrazzo, concrete). The product leaves a thi..
MC 112 MC 112
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Brand: Mediclean
Self-polishable emulsion for surface care  MC 112 Shine Floor  Applications: Emulsion for cleaning and preserving floors and other plastic surfaces, PVC, stone, marble and panelling. The product has anti-slip properties. Perfect for stairs. Gives sustainable shine after waxing. It f..
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