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Robot cleaner Prevac 650 Robot cleaner Prevac 650
Prevac650 is a higher end robot vacuum cleaner,wich has two separated dust bins,one with vacuuming,the other with built-in water tank,biggest built in water tank of 300ml capacity..
Robot Vacuum Cleaner Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Mamibot ProVac Robot Vacuum Cleaner Specification Dimension Technical Parameters Packing Info A robot vacuum cleaner so perfect for promotion. Mamibot ProVac is widely used as promotional items in super markets, or by companies as promotional gifts. It is super simple, su..
Brand: Ghibli
S-Team 6 V is the steam vacuum cleaner with professional suction system designed for cleaning and sanitizing surfaces and environments. The production of dry steam at 160 °C and an operating pressure of 6 bar, along with the powerful 1150 W vac motor, guarantee excellent cleaning and drying results...
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