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Professional vacum cleaners

Brand: Karcher
Professional carpet cleaning machine Karcher..
Brand: Ghibli
Domestic vacuum cleaner not only for the kitchen but also for small laboratories, shops, hobby rooms etc. ON/OFF foot-switch. Equipped with removable and washable bucket-bin (l 15) with footleverage system to open the cover. Equipped with paper filter bag and 20 plastic bags for the bin...
Brand: Ghibli
Industrial dry vacuum cleaners three phase Power indust 60 ghibli The POWER InDust 60 TP M/H vacuum cleaner features an electronically balanced, side channel turbine with the fan directly mounted on the crankshaft. The absence of transmission devices makes the suction unit not only silent and ..
Brand: Ghibli
Medium capacity vacuum cleaner equipped with a powerful and high efficiency new generation motor; it can be used with electric and pneumatic hand tool. The I version is equipped with stainless steel container. Accessories holder. Exhaust air filter. Supplied with the FD (Fine Dust) filtration system..
Professional dust and liquid vaccum Hyundai HYVI 40 PRO
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Professional vaccum cleaner Taski Vento 8S
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Brand: Ghibli
Large size industrial vacuum cleaner, silent and with a large filtration area. Three phase motor (Δ = 230 V - Y = 400 V). Standard manual filter shaking system. Removable dry container for maximum reliability. Blower. Motor thermo-protection. Turbine safety valve...
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