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Vacum cleaner

Vacum cleaner Ghibli,Bosch,Karcher

Brand: Wetrok
Vacuum cleaner car wash, carpets, upholstery Extravac 340-Wetrok    ..
Brand: Karcher
Professional carpet cleaning machine Karcher..
Brand: Ghibli
Domestic vacuum cleaner not only for the kitchen but also for small laboratories, shops, hobby rooms etc. ON/OFF foot-switch. Equipped with removable and washable bucket-bin (l 15) with footleverage system to open the cover. Equipped with paper filter bag and 20 plastic bags for the bin...
Electric blower Bosch
Question stock Provider
Brand: Wetrok
Extracac 400 WetroK vacuum cleaner extraction  Self-contained, powerful spray-extraction machine for medium-sized and large textile areas and demanding professional use. With an infinitely variable high-pressure pump. Hygiene The spray-extraction machine is used for fibre-deep hygienic..
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