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Wash and Go

Professional Wash and Go system

4 L bucket with lid 4 L bucket with lid
Brand: Ttsystem
Bucket with handle and hermetic lid for disposable soaked clothsSYSTEMRectangular bucket, conceived to be used with manual clothsIdeal to be used with pre-cut roll cloths..
Brand: Ttsystem
Belty is belt made of plastic woven,whitch the operators fits around his waist withthe easy velcro system..
Industrial mop 160cm Industrial mop 160cm
Brand: Ttsystem
Cotton dust mop with pockets and laces, polyester supportSYSTEMFloor dusting system with dust mops for large areasIdeal for any type of dirt and surface..
Brand: Ghibli
SaniPro 20.12 A P is the ideal machine for sanitizing indoor environments such as mechanical and artisan workshops, schools, offices, canteens, restaurants and cafés.The Gotec pump (20 bar operating pressure), supplied as standard, allows the operator to work continuously and to use a wide variety o..
Trolley Light 25L
-9 %
Brand: Ttsystem
Professional Trolley Light 25L..
399.00RON 440.00RON
Brand: Ttsystem
    To be used with the specific dust mop heads, the plate and the articulated joint are in plastic. The universal ring enables to use any handles with a diameter ranging from 18 to 23 mm., the articulated joint makes the handling of the tool easier also in..
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