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Soap dispenser

Professional soap dispenser

 Foam dispenser with LIMPIO FD1000W3 sensor  Foam dispenser with LIMPIO FD1000W3 sensor
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Brand: Ttsystem
Cardboard Hygiene Point with upper compartment for hand sanitizer, central shelf for gloves or 4L bucket and bottom space for Max 25L waste bin..
Brand: Ttsystem
Stand for disinfectant tank 5 L, complete with pump, drip-saving tray, pedal and removable keySYSTEMFloor stand for tankIdeal for hand sanitising in high traffic areas..
Brand: Ttsystem
Metal dispenser and gloves compartment stand complete with Jolly dispenser and internal lid..
Brand: Ttsystem
ABS plastic dispenser for detergent or disinfectant with transparent containerSYSTEMWall dispenser of liquid soap, fillableIdeal to check quickly the recharge levAdvantagesUnique design: characterized by modern lines, harmonious shapes and an indispensable attention to detailsHighest hygiene:&n..
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