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Brand: Ttsystem
                     HANDLEY - METAL SCRAPER WITHOUT BLADES CLEAN & GO | WINDOW CLEANING            PRODUCT DESCRIPTION   • Handley, metal scraper wi..
Brand: Ttsystem
Single mop bucket for squeezer Ideal for a semi-professional use..
Brand: Ttsystem
Bucket with handle and hermetic lid for disposable soaked clothsSYSTEMRectangular bucket, conceived to be used with manual clothsIdeal to be used with pre-cut roll cloths..
Brand: Ttsystem
Acrylic u-opening duster, inclining up to 240° and Lampo system handle with removable capSYSTEMFoldable duster for manual dustingThe best solution for a quick and precise cleaning of hard-to-reach surfaces with regard to highness, depth or inclinationAdvantagesEffective: the natural electrostat..
Brand: Ttsystem
ectangular bucket, conceived to be used with manual clothsIdeal for a traditional use in environments with high risk of contaminationGREEN BOXEco-friendly: completely made of polypropylene, non-rusting, solid and entirely recyclable..
Brand: Ttsystem
Coloured laundry net bag made of stabilised polyester with string closure for collecting mops and cloths with 20 L rectangular bucketSYSTEMLaudry net bag for collecting mopsIdeal to manage mops during laundering..
Brand: Ttsystem
Belty is belt made of plastic woven,whitch the operators fits around his waist withthe easy velcro system..
Brand: Ttsystem
Professional bucket with handle and lid from Ttsystem..
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