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Equipment and products for cleaning

Equipment and produducts for cleaning area

Brand: Ttsystem
                     HANDLEY - METAL SCRAPER WITHOUT BLADES CLEAN & GO | WINDOW CLEANING            PRODUCT DESCRIPTION   • Handley, metal scraper wi..
Brand: Ttsystem
Varnished trolley used to remove waste. It can be provided with a 120-litre bag resting on a sturdy grid base, which can be folded as the whole trolley, for a reduced global volume. The varnished paper roll support with cutter can be fastened to the troll Measures: cm 60 x 62 x 102..
Brand: Ttsystem
Single mop bucket for squeezer Ideal for a semi-professional use..
120 L plastified bag with zip
Brand: Ttsystem
Waste collection bag Ideal to be used to hold the traditional nylon bags for a higher discretion, easy to clean with a damp mop..
20 L blue bucket with removable divider, yellow flat wringer and ø 50 mm wheels 20 L blue bucket with removable divider, yellow flat wringer and ø 50 mm wheels
Brand: Ttsystem
Bucket with divider to separate rinsing water from chemical and professional flat wringer for small environmentsIdeal for cleaning medium-small areas where it is necessary to rinse the mop..
Brand: Ttsystem
Bucket with handle and hermetic lid for disposable soaked clothsSYSTEMRectangular bucket, conceived to be used with manual clothsIdeal to be used with pre-cut roll cloths..
Brand: Ttsystem
45 L stackable bin, can be equipped with lid and labels for separate waste collectionStackable bin for waste collectionIdeal for separate waste collection in any environments..
Brand: Ttsystem
Bin with two ø 100 mm wheels, lid opening to 270° and reclinable handle, with drainpipe for an easy cleaningSYSTEMBin with drain-plug to clean it easilyIdeal for food waste..
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